+ The company origin
Paulina Echeverri Jewelry was born as a dream of giving to the market a different shopping experience through unique products and exceptional design. Paulina Echeverri and Paula Quintero, two young entrepreneurs are seeking in a world of jewels, interventions between materials and luxury, to create something more than a brand of jewelry and accessories; these two dreamers are generating a lifestyle, a sense of belonging and a differentiation in design.​
+ Mission
Generate high quality products and deliver differentiation in design through exclusive materials and first hand production. Create a continuous growth and national and international credibility implementing shopping experience, high design products and a universe of brand or lifestyle reflected by means of precious pieces.
+ Vision
Being leaders in the national and international market for our ability to adapt, quality of first-hand pieces and innovation in design of classic patterns of high jewelry. Paulina Echeverri will decorate all the silhouettes of empowered women around the world.
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